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American vitalistic chiropractic

Our chiropractic practice in Berlin offers you more than "just" natural and quick relief for back and neck pain or other nerve dysfunctions at any age. With a holistic approach, the chiropractic practice in Berlin ensures that your well-being and health are maintained or restored despite the diverse stresses of everyday life. The positive and clearly noticeable effects include:

  • Quickly achieve optimal freedom of movement

  • Noticeably increased performance

  • Vitalization/energization

  • Physical and psychological stress relief

  • Improve blood circulation

  • Relaxation and regeneration for muscles and joints

  • Promoting nighttime regeneration potential

  • Mobilization of self-healing powers

  • For acute tension pain, as well as for prevention

laughing couple
Life quality

Promotes the function of the nervous system and thus an elementary pillar of health.

Woman at work
Neck & Back

Reduces back tension and promotes performance and concentration.

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Prenancy in Weiß
Relaxed birth

Promotes well-being during pregnancy and preparation for birth.

Kinder spielen
Healthy development

Promotes the cognitive development of the brain and optimal freedom of movement. For creativity and much more

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Glückliches Baby
Check after birth

Helps to resolve neurological disorders of birth and enable a stress-free start in life.

Scorpion Pose
More movement

Promotes performance and freedom of movement. Makes training fun.

Chiropraxis Berlin: Gentle chiropractic for holistic well-being during pregnancy

Our chiropractic practice in Berlin makes an important contribution to the health of our patients with treatment methods that are optimally tailored to your condition; a contribution that begins as early as infancy. The comprehensive post-birth check in our chiropractic practice helps to permanently resolve neurological disorders after delivery and thus give your baby a stress- and pain-free start in life. It does not matter whether it was a "normal" birth or, for example, a Caesarean section. With our gentle and sensitive chiropractic, even barely noticeable neurological disorders can be found and treated.

But we also offer you a pleasant experience before the birth, which will also benefit your newborn. You can prepare for the birth during your pregnancy in our chiropractic practice in Berlin with our gentle methods. Chiropractic Berlin helps to relieve a wide range of complaints during pregnancy, such as tension, digestive problems, back pain or headaches. Get advice from the chiropractic practice in Berlin and/or your doctor or midwife so that your baby can, for example, naturally move into the correct birth position through gentle chiropractic. This is a basic requirement for an optimal birth.

Your first point of contact at any age: Chiropraxis Berlin

In all other phases of life, the Chiropraxis Berlin is your first point of contact for gentle and natural healing through American vitalistic chiropractic . Depending on the specific diagnosis, the Chiropraxis Berlin is your trusted partner for:


  • Health and vitality: Better quality of life – Chiropractic Berlin promotes the function of the nervous system and thus an elementary pillar of your health.

  • Neck and back: Reduce back tension, promote performance and concentration.

  • Pregnancy: Promoting well-being during pregnancy, gentle and comprehensive preparation for birth.

  • Chiropractic in infancy: Check after birth - detect and resolve neurological disorders at an early stage.

  • Children: Chiropraxis Berlin promotes the cognitive development of the brain in many ways and ensures optimal freedom of movement, creativity and much more

  • Yoga and sport : improve performance and mobility. Have fun training at any age.

Prevention and treatment: Chiropraxis Berlin is the partner for your health

In addition, the Berlin chiropractic is also a specialist in the release of subluxations: This adjustment does not depend on the symptoms or where the pain occurs - but only on whether and where a nerve disorder is present. In such cases, the Berlin chiropractic therefore deals very closely with the individual subluxations, which we release and heal sustainably and naturally using the most precise diagnoses and analyses, individually tailored to the patient's age, constitution, etc. This is because gentle chiropractic carries significantly fewer risks than, for example, painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs.

Let yourself be convinced by the diverse and natural possibilities of prevention and healing through scientifically proven American chiropractic. Your personal contact at Chiropraxis Berlin will be happy to show you what we can do for your well-being and health. Gentle and natural chiropractic from proven experts for the whole family.

frequently asked Questions

Prevention and treatment: Chiropraxis Berlin is the partner for your health

Oliver Mack is the founder and manager of our chiropractic practice in Berlin. The trained alternative practitioner, chiropractor, meditation teacher and yoga teacher with a focus on American chiropractic (DAGC) and yoga therapy has more than 27 years of professional experience in areas such as emergency medicine, stress management and various yoga therapies.

What benefits do I get from treatment at Chiropraxis Berlin?

The results of the Berlin chiropractic are different for each person, as each person is unique. Many appreciate the increase in their performance and concentration, the overcoming of their sleep disorders or the noticeably increased resistance to various illnesses. Outpatient problems can also be solved sustainably.

What are the main effects of treatment by the experts at Chiropraxis Berlin?

The various services offered by Chiropraxis Berlin, for example, lead to a rapid achievement of optimal freedom of movement and a noticeable increase in performance. Other positive effects include increased vitality, the successful resolution of physical and psychological stress, the relaxation and regeneration of muscles and joints, and the mobilization of self-healing powers.

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