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Alternative practitioner with a focus on American chiropractic (DAGC) and yoga therapy. As a chiropractor, meditation teacher and yoga teacher for holistic yoga (BYV/BAYT/BYVG), Tao Yoga (Mantak Chia), I combine classic and traditional techniques in order to be able to respond to my fellow human beings on an individual basis. I live and practice in Berlin.

Through my training at the Chiropractic Campus Hamburg, my professional knowledge in emergency medicine, stress management and various yoga therapies for over 27 years, including 7 years living in the yoga ashram, I have developed a deep understanding of the health-related stress-related problems of today. I respond to the needs of others with joy and naturalness and share my experience and knowledge where it is helpful. Vitalistic chiropractic and holistic yoga are for me like yin and yang, a perfect unity.

Personal description of Atmamitra Oliver Mack
Medical education and training

- Training in American Chiropractic, Chiropractic Campus Hamburg (DAGC)

- Training as a naturopath with examination and permission to practice medicine professionally

- Paramedic (state exam.)

Additional training and further education


- ongoing training at the Chiropractic Campus in Hamburg (DAGC)

- Yoga therapy training (Arsha Yoga Gurukulam India)

- Yoga Vidya Acharya

- Meditation Teacher Training (BYVG)

- Life Coach Training (BYVG)

- Sound massage training (BYVG)

- Sound therapy training
- Yoga teacher training (BYV)

- Tao Yoga training (according to Mantak Chia)

My latest projects

2022 – Founding of own chiropractic practice in Berlin
2017 – Founding of own chiropractic practice in Potsdam

2016 – Head of Online Department and Instructor Yoga Vidya BM

2015 – Project manager and trainer at Haus Yoga Vidya Bad Meinberg

2013 – Deputy Director of Haus Yoga Vidya Westerwald

2006 – Founding and management of the Diepholz Yoga School

I am a member of the association:
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