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Yoga therapy exercise

Yoga therapy Berlin: gentle and sustainable therapy for a better quality of life

A perfect connection like ying and yang: As a proven specialist in American chiropractic, the Oliver Mack Chiropractic is also your first and personal contact for all matters relating to yoga therapy in Berlin.

Holistic and based on the latest scientific findings, yoga therapy in Berlin includes sustainable and individual body and consciousness work. With specific content and focuses, yoga therapy is aimed at the whole family and is therefore suitable and recommended for, among others:

  • Beginners and advanced

  • Adults of all ages

  • Seniors

  • Pregnant women .

Yoga Lotus Flower

Yoga therapy Berlin: Individual approaches for all needs

In order to explicitly analyse the individual needs, prerequisites, weaknesses, etc. of each individual, there is an initial appointment of approximately 80 minutes at the beginning of the yoga therapy in Berlin.

  • Anamnese,

  • Investigation,

  • Body measurement

  • and a first treatment


in the foreground. The follow-up appointments at Yoga Therapy Berlin usually last around 50 minutes and consist - based on the findings from the anamnesis - of targeted exercises that are optimally tailored to the respective requirements and goals. Particularly practical: Appointments for Yoga Therapy are made online and are specifically tailored to the needs of the participants.

These specific exercises are carried out and supervised by trained yoga therapy specialists in Berlin. The focus is always on the participant, who is specifically encouraged by the yoga therapy instructor through training impulses and training stimuli and supported with hands-on assistance when required.

A lastingly effective duo: American chiropractic and yoga therapy Berlin

As an optimal complement to chiropractic treatment, yoga therapy Berlin offers sustainable and clearly noticeable benefits for the physical and psychological areas in everyday life, such as:

  • Optimized freedom of movement

  • Increased performance

  • Energization and vitalization

  • Resolving physical and psychological stress

  • Improved blood circulation

  • Cramp relief for muscles and joints

  • Support for nighttime regeneration, help with sleep disorders

  • Mobilization of self-healing powers

  • Prevention of acute tension pain and other symptoms.


Other individual focuses of yoga therapy in Berlin include pregnancy yoga and special offers for recovery after birth; courses for back fitness; classic, relaxing or sporty-dynamic yoga courses and much more. You can always find a comprehensive overview of our various offers in our current course program.

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Yoga therapy Berlin for more well-being, performance and health

No matter what kind of yoga offer you are looking for: All of the courses at Yogatherapie Berlin are led exclusively by trained and regularly trained experts who combine the traditional teachings of yoga with the latest scientific findings for your benefit. Sensitive, goal- and health-oriented and specifically tailored to your individual requirements, goals and wishes.

The positive effects of yoga on mobility, strengthening of the supporting muscles, psyche and general well-being have been known for countless generations. Combined with meditation and relaxation, yoga also has a positive effect on stress-related symptoms, excess weight or pain symptoms such as back pain or migraines. This ancient knowledge paired with the latest scientific findings is the basis for the diverse effects of yoga therapy in Berlin.

Simply get in touch with your personal contact at Yogatherapie Berlin so that you can find the best offer for you and your well-being. We take time for you and are happy to advise you with the highest level of expertise for your health .

Frequently asked questions

Who can benefit from yoga therapy in Berlin?

The target groups of yoga therapy in Berlin are as diverse as the diverse benefits of the scientifically based offer: adults, pregnant women and seniors benefit from the offer, which is aimed at every life situation with individual therapies.

Why do chiropractic and yoga therapy in Berlin complement each other so well?

American chiropractic and yoga therapy in Berlin both pursue a vitalistic and holistic goal that focuses on the individual. When optimally coordinated, both areas make an important and natural contribution to health and well-being.

What are the benefits of yoga therapy in Berlin?

Goal- and health-oriented, Yoga Therapy Berlin offers customers of all ages a very wide range of benefits that – individually tailored to personal goals and needs – go far beyond the areas of well-being, performance and health.

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