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The six pillars of health

Our bodies are exposed to countless stresses in everyday life. Poor nutrition, stress, poor posture, lack of fluids and lack of exercise can lead to pathological changes in the organism over time - and this often happens long before the body signals this, for example through pain. The most effective way to maintain health in the long term and prevent illnesses from occurring in the first place is to do this. The body needs active support from inside and outside to reactivate the self-healing powers lost in everyday life.

Each individual can make a decisive contribution to his or her own health by paying attention to the interaction of these six pillars of health listed above.

The harmonious interaction of these six pillars is particularly supported by treatment with American chiropractic.

At American Chiropractic, we have specialized in the sixth pillar - identifying malfunctions in the nervous system and promoting the body's own ability to heal itself naturally through targeted correction of the vertebral position. Our extensive patient consultation always includes a focus on the patient's holistic system. This shows deficits and which of the six pillars still have potential for improvement.

You will receive important tips and suggestions on nutrition, exercise and regeneration at the appointment or in our free health forum. Simply ask us how you can integrate the six pillars into your everyday life.

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