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Sleeping baby

Gentle American Chiropractic for Babies

Helps to relieve birth stress and promote free development.

Birth is the first major stress for little babies. Regardless of whether it is a "normal" birth or a Caesarean section, there are always moments that overwhelm the little body and nervous system. Although babies are really tough, subtle stress symptoms often remain. Be it clubfoot position, crooked posture, one-sided or flattened head position, etc. Since American chiropractic is neurologically based and the first reflex disappears after just 3 months, early treatment is advisable if necessary. I have created a handout for parents and midwives to help identify such disorders early on in order to enable prompt treatment, after all, the little ones cannot yet communicate verbally.

You can download the checklist here.


The treatment is billed according to the fee schedule for alternative practitioners (GebüH), which means that the costs are generally reimbursable by any health insurance company, whether public or private. If in doubt, simply ask your insurance company.

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