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Gentle American Chiropractic for Pregnant Women

Promotes well-being during pregnancy and preparation for birth.

During pregnancy, the body is exposed to unusual stresses. This can lead to a variety of complaints, such as tension, back pain, headaches, or digestive problems. Gentle chiropractic treatment promotes mobility in the back and pelvis and relieves the nervous system. This helps ensure that the baby is in the correct birth position in the last weeks of pregnancy. The correct birth position for your child and a statically good, freely movable pelvis are the basic requirements for an optimal birth.

Chiropractic treats dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system by applying a gentle impulse to the joints or spine. This separates the surfaces of the joints from each other. The positive effects of the treatment on ligaments, muscles, tendons and joints lead to improved functioning of the nervous system and not only relieves pain, but also has a positive effect on organs, enzymes and hormones.

Many midwives and doctors recommend chiropractic as a preventative treatment to minimize the causes of back and pelvic pain from the outset. It is good if pregnant women start this treatment in the first trimester. Chiropractic can also help to keep morning sickness to a minimum at this early stage.

After pregnancy, it is also important to have the joints (spine, hip and sacroiliac joint) checked for displacement so that the stress in the joints disappears again after the strong stretching. It is a good idea to bring the baby along on this occasion so that you can check whether the joints move back into a normal position. This way, cognitive development disorders (which often arise due to displacement of the skull bones) can be identified early on and corrected or resolved.


The treatment is billed according to the fee schedule for alternative practitioners (GebüH), which means that the costs are generally reimbursable by any health insurance company, whether public or private. If in doubt, simply ask your insurance company.

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