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Sound therapy
Therapy Gong
What is sound therapy?

In sound therapy, all areas of the human body are addressed completely (holistically) and the joints and body regions to be treated are set into vibration using high-quality sound media such as singing bowls, gongs, etc. The joints, fascia and surrounding tissue are loosened and supported and stabilized in their natural alignment.

Main effect of sound therapy

Metabolism is stimulated

General revitalization
and energization


Purification and detoxification

of the body


Stress management and letting go

(physically and mentally)

Improved blood circulation


Relaxation and recovery of
Muscle and joint stabilization

Support of the

Self-healing powers

Quickly reach deeper

Relaxation and well-being

Peaceful sleep

Therapy Cymbals
How does sound therapy work?

Physical effects


The deep vibrations gently massage joints, muscles, organs and glands. Tensions and adhesions can be released and the associated painful symptoms can be resolved. A previously performed correction can thus be optimally stabilized. Body awareness is intensified and promotes the possibility of recognizing disorders earlier in the future. Very deep relaxation is made possible.


Energetic effects


The sound vibration supports and stimulates the natural flow of life energy. So-called energetic blockages can be released and clear the way for the natural and original flow of energy again.


Spiritual effects


The sound has a centering effect on the mind and helps to collect consciousness. The phase of silence at the end promotes depth perception and letting go.

Therapy singing bowl
Our offers
  • Universal sound therapy, deep physical and mental relaxation

  • Anti-stress treatment

  • For burn-out syndrome

  • Pregnant treatment, ideal for birth preparation and post-natal care

  • For children

  • For general calming and relaxation (also ADD/ADHD)

  • Special treatment for joints , to dissolve blockages (also old things)

  • Organ treatment, special massage for kidneys, liver/gall bladder, spleen, pancreas, lungs, stomach, intestines ( also ideal as fasting preparation or detox accompaniment)

  • Special back treatment,   for stabilization after blockages (subluxations)

  • Energy treatment, for revitalization and strengthening, for cleaning the energy channels (meridians)

  • Sound meditation, leads into silence, has a transcending effect

  • Chakra treatment to balance life energy (main energy centers)

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