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Chi Nei Tsang - Chinese organ massage

How does CNT work?


The Chi Nei Tsang Massage (CNT), a thousand-year-old and proven Chinese treatment method that effectively dissolves blockages in the organs (a widespread consequence of stress). According to Eastern philosophy, we store our emotions in our organs, which can then influence them and cause significant disorders.

The activation of organ function leads to effective revitalization, deep relaxation and well-being. The abdominal region is the main focus of CNT, as most organs can be treated directly or indirectly from here. But blockages can occur not only in the vital organs, but also in blood vessels, lymph and nerve strands.

Improved digestion and detoxification . The digestive tract also plays an important role. If our digestion does not work properly, the elimination of waste products and toxins from the body is impaired. Many organs involved in detoxification, such as the intestines, liver, kidneys and lymph, are affected. They are specifically stimulated by the CNT massage. The digestive organs can then work more efficiently again and problems such as flatulence, irritable bowel syndrome and constipation can be alleviated.


The CNT massage is also particularly recommended during a detox treatment or therapeutic fast , as the body excretes more toxins during this time. The CNT massage also releases energetic blockages, which also results in optimal activation of the body's self-healing powers.

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